Yuri A. Tijerino

Dr. Tijerino obtained a Ph.D. in computer science from Osaka University where he pioneered work in the field ontology engineering. Ontology engineering continues to break new ground in the area of artificial intelligence research, particularly in the Semantic Web, which is widely expected to become the next generation of the World Wide Web. Dr. Tijerino currently focuses in the areas of human-machine interaction, intelligent software agents, humanoid robots, Semantic Web services, automated Semantic Web markup and semantic wireless applications. Dr. Tijerino also has extensive experience in implementation and commercialization of bleeding-edge technological innovations and is considered a serial entrepreneur.


宮崎 康支


戸上 晃太


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Carlos Tovar

A passionate data intelligence developer, constantly finding time to learn and impart knowledge in the field. Adaptable to change, taking on objectives with a high degree of responsibility and dedication.

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Christian Espinoza Olazával

Christian Espinoza is an MBA with more than 15 years of experience leading planning processes and projects. He is a passionate about project organization and specializes in creating concept maps of any idea (technological or not), giving it a practical sense that can be applied in reality. Christian is also specialized in innovation at ESADE University in Barcelona and knows how to apply methodologies. Furthermore, he makes that some challenging ideas or concepts can be understood by most audiences. Christian also contributes the experience gained directing planning areas of diverse transnational companies in services, banking, food, among others.

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